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Jim Jones Breaks Down Dipset Break Up
7 views Feb 11, 2017

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mac 2,900 points
Jim Jones Breaks Down Dipset Break Up, The End of Rocafella, Jay Z, French Montana, Mendeecees, & MORE
We Ride.... East Side', sorry, that's from 'Certifide Gangsta', Jim Jones first single as a solo artist, and it came up tonight as Flex got a complete timeline of The Dips through the eyes of Jimmy to Capo, to Jim Jones. Jim told this story competely from the heart.... and if you think not, you should get this man an Oscar nomination, I looked in his eyes, it was real.  Now you have to want a good story to sit through an hour and a half, so we gave you a good story, this story is so epic, its got Chapters;

-Beginning of Cam/Jim

-beginning of diplomats

-beginning of Jimmy's career

-the schisms of Dipset

-The End of Rocafella

-The signing of Max B

-The Creation of Love & Hip Hop

-The Streets with Mendeecees

-And More But enough of this chatter, let's get to it
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Feb 11, 2017