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Kim Kardashian Cooks Soul Food AGAIN! Did She Nail It? Kim Kardashian has enough money to have someone cook for her at all times. It looks like she wanted to be domesticated and try her hand at some new soul food recipes. She decided to document her cooking skills on Snapchat while she made cornbread muffins, some rice and beans, green beans, and...well...something. I mean you can't blame her for trying. Kardashian got roasted for creations on Twitter. What do you think about about her meals? some responses Sisi  @Connoisseur__ Ok so I really just gagged looking at that food Kim Kardashian posted on SnapChat yesterday FubuKing @lilsus12 Kim Kardashian wasn't playing any games with that soul food.. she said who isn't making fried chicken for Kanye bitch ??
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